About You

Perhaps you have long Covid/Chronic Fatigue/M.E., or are in a relationship with someone who lives with this.

Perhaps you are in a relationship where you don’t feel heard, ‘seen’ or understood by your partner.

Perhaps you feel very isolated, lacking in confidence, angry, low self-esteem, lonely.

Perhaps you are troubled as a result of life-events such as general relationship difficulties or disappointments, a bereavement, post-natal depression, children leaving home, divorce, work or health problems, terminal illness, or dying. You might have difficult decisions to make or just feel generally dissatisfied and restless. Sometimes the stresses and strains of life simply become too much. You might just feel that life isn’t all that you’d like it to be.

Perhaps, up until now, you have always managed to ‘get through’ on your own or with the support of close family or friends. But this time perhaps you don’t want to ‘burden’ them. You are beginning to think that the time has come to get support from someone who is outside your social support network and who is professionally trained, who will understand your wish for things to be different and who will try to understand what it might be like for you right now.